A Video Tutorial on Voronoi Fracturing in CINEMA 4D R18


One of the greatest features in CINEMA 4D R18 is Voronoi fracturing, the ability to fracture a 3D models into hundreds, or thousands of pieces (to read a full analysis of C4D R18, click here). Besides the fact that it can be used to great effect for explosions and collisions, Voronoi Fracturing also has great uses for motion graphics. Because is part of MoGraph, it can also be combined with a variety of MoGraph Effectors. The possibilities are virtually endless for what you can do with it.

I recently made a video tutorial about Voronoi Fracturing where the tip of an airplane’s wing hit and shatter a rock formation into hundreds of pieces. Here it is for you to check out and learn how to do it yourself. I hope you find it useful for the work that you do.


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